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HAYDAY | CEO / Founder

Hello, I’m Antoine “Hayday” Hayden! I wasn’t always a graphic designer, it wasn’t in the cards for me. This is the story of how that changed. I’ve always been a fan of creativity and using my imagination. I used to be a videographer and photographer yet I still felt my creativity was limited. Then one day I was introduced to Eric Chaffer and watched him design an event flyer. I had found the fill to this creative void in my head . Being then enrolled in college, I switched from web design to graphic design. The rest is history. (In the making)


Iamhayday was named to honor my late brother whom gave me the name Hayday from a mixtape he planned to drop entitled ‘In Out Hayday’ (a spin of our last name Hayden) I ran with it and named my media company this to pay homage. I have now joined forces with my brother Eric and we are going to take the design world by storm. Grab your coats!

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Eric Keith | COO / Senior Graphic Designer

Born and raised in Seattle, WA. Eric Keith has been designing for over 17 years. With skills ranging from Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, After Effects, and Dreamweaver, Eric has done it all. Eric has done graphics for notable famous individuals from all over including but not limited to Richard Sherman, Joe Tafoya, Charles Tillman, Chris Maragos, Derek Minor, Milliyon... and the list goes on. With Erics extensive design knowledge and capabilities, he is sure to make and exceed all of your needs for graphic design.

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